• Technically good at what you do but finding leadership a challenge that needs addressing?
  • Finding it hard to prioritise and delegate?
  • Dealing with the same old problems in your team?
  • Finding it hard to motivate each individual?
  • Worried about managing performance?
  • Looking for a clear structure to plan and manage a task?






  • A practical framework of leadership functions which is immediately applicable at work.
  • Practical strategies for overcoming management challenges.
  • Insight into your own leadership profile and how you would like to develop.
  • An understanding of how to get the best out of your team, support them as individuals and still get the task done.
  • A deeper understanding of the management process and how all levels of leadership can fit together and impact on performance.


Amarisk is offering the following series of open courses (please note that Team Leader ACL is a two-day course over two weeks). The training is being staged at the prestigious Land Rover Experience centre at Awliscombe, Honiton, Devon.

(A)  7th November 2017                   Team Leader ACL Day 1

(A)  14th November 2017                 Team Leader ACL Day 2

(B)  23rd January 2018                      Team Leader ACL Day 1

(B)  30th January 2018                      Team Leader ACL Day 2

In whatever role we are talking to an organisation – be it strategic coaching or dealing with HR issues – in the end the conversation comes back to leadership and usually how to create capacity in the level just below the owners/directors.

ACL focuses on the functions of a leader and is based on the work of Professor John Adair who is one of the mostly highly regarded leadership scholars Britain has produced. John Adair’s work has been the basis for training leaders in Britain’s Armed Forces for over 50 years.  Trevor Vanstone of Amarisk is an accredited trainer at Team, Operational and Strategic levels through Adair International, in addition to being an ACL Coach, and has delivered Action-Centred Leadership on many occasions.



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Two-Day Team Leader level of Action-Centred Leadership (£295 + VAT pp) looks at the functions of a leader (planning, supporting, evaluating etc.) to ensure that the task is achieved, the team is functioning and the individuals within that team are working in the way that they should. It is relevant to anybody in a leadership role, be it running four people on a shop floor up to the CEO. This course is delivered over two days and includes a series of exercises which enables everybody to have a go at being the leader and also to observe someone else being in charge.

The work is based around a combination of theory, people’s own experiences, real life work scenarios and the exercises. The genius of John Adair was that ACL enables us to train people in the functions of leadership. We also explore some of the needs, wants and motivations of individuals and we look at other approaches to leadership such as the qualities and situational approaches.

 Team Leader level ACL is appropriate for all leaders and managers and gives a complete overview of the theory and practical application. The course includes a self-diagnostic exercise, a reference book of the theory and the creation of an action plan for a real-life work issue.


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(A) Two-Day Team Leader level of Action-Centred Leadership 7th & 14th November 2017(B) Two-Day Team Leader level of Action-Centred Leadership 23rd & 30th January 2018

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