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Christopher Piper Wines


Christopher Piper Wines is one of the most well-known wine merchants in the South West of England and for over 10 years has been supported by Amarisk in terms of HR and employment and Health & Safety.

Christopher Piper Wines supplies a wide range of restaurants and hotels right across the South West and has a retail shop and a warehouse.

Over the years Amarisk has assisted in all aspects of employment and safety and has also undertaken a range of training in safety, leadership and employment matters.

“We have staff in our HQ and shop and in our warehouse, the public come into the shop and our staff are out on the road and on clients’ premises. We have always had a good record here and have found it a huge help having specialists who could come in and take care of the paperwork and make sure that we are doing the right things day in and day out.”

“The same is true with HR. We have great staff and it is important to make sure contracts and handbooks are in order and work for all parties. It is very useful to pick up the phone and speak to a person who has visited our business, knows how we work and is able to give us clear advice. It’s how we work and we wanted the same level of service.”

John Earle – Director

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